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About 5EBI FM 103.1

5EBI FM 103.1, based in Adelaide, Australia, is renowned for its diverse range of community and culture programs that cater to the multicultural fabric of its audience. It is dedicated to providing a diverse range of community and culture programs aimed at fostering inclusivity, understanding, and appreciation for various cultural backgrounds and community issues.

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The station recognizes the rich tapestry of cultures present in Adelaide and seeks to reflect this diversity through its programming. Its aim is to serve as a platform for marginalized voices, promoting cultural exchange, and celebrating the multicultural heritage of the region. The programs are features interviews with community leaders, artists, musicians, and activists who share insights into their heritage and experiences. Listeners are treated to a blend of traditional and contemporary music from around the world, providing a sonic journey through different cultures. It serves as a platform for discussing current events, issues, and initiatives relevant to multicultural communities. From festivals and cultural events to social issues and integration challenges, it fosters understanding, appreciation, and dialogue among diverse groups.


Website: 5ebi.com.au

Language: English

Email: [email protected]


Contact Number: +61 8 8211 7066

Address: 10 Byron Place, Adelaide South Australia 5000


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