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2XL Radio from Australia offers a diverse range of music, catering to various tastes with a mix of New, Classic, and Rock genres. By blending new releases, classic hits, and rock anthems, it offers a dynamic and engaging lineup that appeals to a wide audience, creating a vibrant musical environment that celebrates the rich diversity of the music landscape.

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Listeners tuning in to 2XL Radio can expect to hear the latest tracks from emerging artists and popular bands, keeping them up-to-date with the latest trends in the music scene. At the same time, the station pays homage to the classics, featuring iconic songs that have stood the test of time, resonating with audiences across generations. This combination ensures listeners can enjoy both contemporary hits and timeless favorites, along with the raw energy and powerful sounds of rock music. Moreover, 2XL Radio adds an edge to its playlist with rock music, delivering electrifying guitar riffs, pulsating rhythms, and passionate vocals that capture the essence of this genre. Whether it's the raw energy of classic rock bands or the modern interpretations of the genre, the station ensures a thrilling listening experience for rock enthusiasts.


Website: 2xl.com.au

Language: English

Email: [email protected]

Wikipedia: XLFM

Contact Number: +61 2 6457 1961

Address: Cooma, NSW, Australia, New South Wales


96.1 FM

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