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2ROC Radio is an Australian radio station renowned for its vibrant mix of pop and rock music. Catering to a diverse audience, the station curates a dynamic playlist that spans classic hits, contemporary chart-toppers, and indie gems, ensuring a rich and varied listening experience.

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Listeners can expect to hear a broad range of rock subgenres, from the anthemic sounds of classic rock bands to the edgy riffs of modern alternative groups. The station prides itself on championing both international artists and local Australian talent, creating a balanced blend of familiar tunes and fresh discoveries. Pop enthusiasts are treated to a spectrum of styles, including the latest pop hits, nostalgic 80s synth-pop, and the catchy hooks of indie pop. It also features engaging on-air personalities who bring the music to life with their commentary, interviews with artists, and insights into the music scene.


Language: English

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2ROC Radio