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2CC Radio, based in Canberra, Australia, is a prominent news and talk radio station catering to the local community. Its programming typically features a mix of news updates, current affairs discussions, talk shows, and interviews with notable personalities from various fields. Overall, it serves as a trusted source of information and a platform for dialogue, fostering a sense of community engagement and empowerment among its listeners in Canberra and beyond.

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In the mornings, listeners tune in to catch up on the latest headlines and breaking news stories, often supplemented by analysis and commentary from seasoned journalists and experts. The station's news segments aim to provide comprehensive coverage of both local and international events, offering listeners a well-rounded understanding of the day's most significant developments. Throughout the day, it hosts engaging talk shows that tackle a wide range of topics, including politics, business, health, lifestyle, and entertainment. These programs often invite guest experts, politicians, community leaders, and other individuals to share their insights and perspectives on various issues of interest to the audience. Listeners can expect lively discussions, debates, and call-in segments where they can voice their opinions, ask questions, and participate in the conversation.


Website: www.2cc.net.au

Language: English

Email: [email protected]

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Contact Number: +(02) 6255 1206

Address: 51 Bellenden St Crace ACT 2911


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